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Originally Posted by Boosted_8
Hello there.
Long story short: A few 2021 M550i owners have started to notice the 1st and 2nd gear pull is lower than expected with the 0-60 times slower than the previous pre-LCI model. Full power comes in from 3rd and above. If any 2021 model year owners are running a JB4 it would be interesting to see :-

a) If you can hit the manufacturer claimed 3.6-3.8 second 0-60 times
b) If the Jb4 log from such event shows the actual boost in each gear, the throttle plate position and the wastegate duty.

Massive thanks for anyone that has this data they can share!
I have a JB4 that I can take logs. But I have ******* *********. So the numbers would be skewed.
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