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Default Double check MAP sensor location intercooler - 07-19-2019, 04:15 PM

For all here who have actually installed on the 2019 or recent BMW M550i G series motor. I know after discussing with Terry and many others at Burger there are two intercoolers as described in the directions. One of the driver and passenger side of car. At the very bottom of the intercoolers is a sensor that is what appears to be BOLTED to the intercooler. As there is no picture in the instructions of the install as to where it is exactly or also what it looks like. I have taken two pictures. The first is the engine bay area on the passenger side of engine. The second picture is of the passenger side intercooler but looking toward the very bottom of it at what I think is the MAP or TMAP sensor I need to connect the JB4 to for hookup. I want to double check that this appears to be the correct sensor I should be disconnecting and hooking up the JB4 4 wire connections to both passenger side and driver side intercoolers. Thank you!
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