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Default 09-08-2015, 12:02 AM

Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Looks pretty tame to me? Shrug. If you are talking part throttle then log that, uncheck view WOT only to log part throttle. Given how low PWM is at 17psi you probably need a lower menu 12 setting. Something like 2000rpm.
OK, thank you. I will try to change the menu 12..

What I wanted to say is that with the new ISO 31.x the car behaves like never before. For example on 1st or 2nd gear, when accelerating hard, the car literally jerks as the DTC overreacts (even with DTC button pushed once, I do not have balls to turn it off completely). Before, it slowed down the car a bit but it was not so abrupt. Like hitting something, you know..

I thought this is more ISO31 related than "request support"

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