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Finally resolved my driveshaft issues and found a stretch to test out map 3 on E60 fuel on the new setup. The car felt VERY strong once again, no misfires or hesitations of any kind, except finally got to feel shift bog when going into 4th. Here are my impressions of this log:

- Boost came in bit low at most parts of the run for what should have been a 20psi map. In the logging parameters thread, it states my FF/wastegate adaption might need to be adjusted, so perhaps I need to change that setting.
- Timing looks decently clean with two exceptions: cylinder 5 pulls timing once in 3rd gear (but catches up quickly), and cylinder 4 & 5 one time after shifting into 4th.
- Fuel pressures are the best they've ever been. Fuel enrichment and meth trace are showing that the PI is flowing. All the new parts seem to be working wonders. The only thing I've noticed is that when I start the car LPFP hovers at 65psi, but after going WOT, it hovers at 75psi until I cut the car off again, and then it returns to 65psi. Any concerns there?
- Trims seem to be in check, and don't even get close to 50 for any parts of the run.
- IAT's are no longer an issue, even during summertime in the south.

Any input would be appreciated as always guys!
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