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Default N54 Single Turbo + PI + E85 Health Check - 08-06-2018, 08:12 AM

Current setup is a ACF Top Mount 6062 ST Kit, Fuel It Stage 3 Bucketed LPFP, Phoenix Racing RACE FMIC, Phoenix Racing PI Manifold, BMS ST E85 TS PI THR BEF.

I had been running the BMS ST pump gas tune for months prior to this because my HPFP was struggling to keep up, but over the past few weeks I installed a fresh HPFP, PI manifold, and a stage 3 LPFP. Now I'm running the BMS ST TS E85 PI THR tune and filled up to E50. I haven't been able to spend a lot of time with the car to stretch her legs, but did find a short straight to get a 3rd-4th gear pull in map 2. For what it's worth, the car felt absolutely great during this pull! No hesitation, no misfires, just pulled like a freight train. Pretty impressive for 17psi.

Here's what I see, but would love opinions and "permission" by the pros to turn it up to map 3, and eventually 4:
  • Boost seems to come on strong (noticeably quicker than the pump gas tune) thanks to the DWP set at 80, and stays within a single psi of target for the whole pull -- WGDC stays steady at values under 10 after initial spool.
  • Fuel enrichment and meth both start reading values as boost comes on, indicating the PI is working.
  • HPFP stays above 10, and LPFP barely dips below 70 at any point in the run.
  • Timing in all cylinders looks about as good as I could hope for -- only one singular drop after immediately shifting into 4th gear.

Any input would be appreciated!
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ACF PTE 6062 BB Top Mount ST Kit, Fuel-It! Stage 3 LPFP, Phoenix Racing Port Injection Manifold + RACE FMIC, JB4 + BMS ST E85 PI BEF
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