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Originally Posted by zach1328
Absolutely. To answer your other questions. Yes, data-logs would be helpful here. However, any stored DTC's would be great.

If you want MHD tunes in the future then it can't hurt to get the cables and logging capability. However, a cheap $30 code scanner may be of use too. Would be great to see any fault codes, but even better to see any fault codes + logs.

I'd still lean towards turbos, unfortunately. Low boost and slow spool could be a boost leak. Add in soot & white smoke and that means you're likely burning some oil. Then the rattle. All of that added together tells me there's a shot turbo.

Poor fuel economy and rough idle are common symptoms of leaking injectors. Could be as simple as spark plugs and/or ignition coils. Otherwise, the odd exhaust sounds seems like an exhaust leak somewhere. Loose ********* or fittings elsewhere.

All of these things popping up at the same time seems unlikely, but I'm struggling to think of any 1 single issue that would lead to all of your stated symptoms.
Really appreciate your reply mate. I'm going to purchase MHD app and upload some logs on here. I have no idea how to read logs so I might need a hand lol.

The car is running super rough!! Zero power!
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