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So, 2 quick questions.

1st -
In the map guide, you list some maps like map2 as "4psi peak request over stock".

Since Base 6Mt G80s and the M3C request different amounts of boost at stock, does this map behave differently between the base and competition? Or is it normalized across all versions of the G80/82 (since they are the exact same engine)?

2nd -
I'm seriously happy you list the recommended fuel types for each map, but do you have expected gains for each? The dyno images on the product page are great and all, but they don't indicate which platform or map or fuel in the notes.

I think a lot of 6MT buyers (like myself) are going to look at correcting BMWs absurd downtuning of the base with a piggyback system, so it would be great to better set the expectations for those of us dumb enough to have bought the 3-pedal version of this magnificent car.

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