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Originally Posted by 31Jeffe
OK reloaded with 4 gal of E85 and 16 gal of 91. The math says that's E25. I did 4 pulls. The last was kind of weak, I ran out of road.

First Pull was on Map 0 just for a baseline.

Second Pull was on Map 2 Again for baseline.

Third and Fourth were on Map 3 to see if I can run it on this mixture.

The Map 0 log looked great except for one anomaly - at time stamp 37 the timing goes to 0.5 from 11 in the previous time stamp. It immediately goes back to looking great. Have not seen that before so hope that is just a fluke.

Map 2 log - Timing looks great to me. Concern is that fuel trim is maxed for much of the pull. In 3rd gear AFR looked a little lean. Later in the pull, AFR richened to what is normal to see without fuel wires.

Map 3 log - Timing looks good. Trims are not maxed as much as the map 2. The AFR is still a little lean in 3rd gear but it catches up to "normal" faster than the map 2 pull.

2nd Map 3 pull - looks great except for another timing anomaly at timestamp 638.75. Ign1 value dropped from 15 all the way down to 5.5. Usually a big sudden drop like that would indicate a knock event. The 15 seemed high to me though and 5.5 is not necessarily a bad number to see in the middle of a pull. Its just the sudden change in the value that is throwing me. The timing recovered quickly to 9.5 and looked normal to me the rest of the pull. Trims were high again but maxed less and AFR looks improved further.

I don't know what to recommend to you at this point. My novice advice would be to back down the E content slightly to help with the trims/AFR. Hope someone from BMS looks at this and can tell you if you should be concerned about the couple of timing anomalies.
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