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Default 10-20-2021, 10:57 AM

Originally Posted by 31Jeffe
OK reloaded with 4 gal of E85 and 16 gal of 91. The math says that's E25. I did 4 pulls. The last was kind of weak, I ran out of road.

First Pull was on Map 0 just for a baseline.

Second Pull was on Map 2 Again for baseline.

Third and Fourth were on Map 3 to see if I can run it on this mixture.

Couple questions, I realized as I was pulling back into the garage that I had the ETC on for all of these. Does the traction control ruin the pulls for assessment?

Can you run E30 full time without a Flex Fuel Kit being necessary?
I’ve been running E30 mix for some time. It is the maximum your stock fuel system can handle. Long term use may claim your hpfp do to maxing fuel trims ie you high pressure fuel pump. Also there is no way to know your E count in tank with out 1st testing the ethanol content you are receiving from the pump. example: the station down the street here has 90% E85, some test at 80 or as low as 75 I’ve seen.
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