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Default 10-06-2021, 06:02 AM

Map 5 is dialed in pretty well for a non RS Model. I have tried to replicate Map 5 with just a bit more boost into Map 6, but my car always seems to just run better on Map 5.

Your timing looks good on the pull. I am still learning about how to read the Trims data. Yours seems to be maxed out (Value of 44) for most of the pull. Your Air/Fuel (AFR) seems to be OK though, and even on the rich side, so don't think it is a concern. Would be good to get a comment from someone at BMS on the Trims and how to read them and spot concerns.

Regarding the Octane Boosters out of a can. I think you need to be careful I know Boostane has been discussed and it is known to foul plugs, and maybe valves and Cats. Not sure about other boosters out of a can, but you might want to research them further or post on the Q50 forum to get opinions.
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