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Default 10-06-2021, 04:01 AM

Alpha50 - Timing looks good. I found that Map 5 to be dialed in well for a Non RS model. I have tried Map 6 targets that replicate it but just a bit higher boost, but it does not seem to run as well as the stock map 5.

One thing I am still trying to understand better is the Trims number. I believe yours are maxed out most of your pull - value of 44. I believe this means the car is delivering the most fuel it can. Your Air/Fuel Ratio (AFR) is still on the rich side so I think you are still OK, but might be helpful if someone on the Burger team can look at it and explain how we should read it.

One item about Octane booster products. I know of one called Booostane that Q owners have concerns about fouling plugs, valves and cats. Not sure about other boosters from a can - maybe research it or post it on the Q50 forum to get opinions. Most recommendations I see about increasing Octane involve use of Ethanol, which is safe if you keep the ratio relatively low. To run a high % Ethanol some fuel delivery modifications have to be made.
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