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Originally Posted by Tortuga
What's up guys and gals! I purchased a JB4 unit with a USB connector and was wanting to retro fit the bluetooth connector. Questions are:

1 - Is that even possible?
2 - If it is possible, can I route the blue power cable inside the enclosure?

It's a group 2 JB4.

Thanks in advanced!
Yes you can swap from data cable to bluetooth just by cracking open the unit and unplugging one then fitting the other.
The newer bluetooth modules should carry the power connection within the main cable itself that comes out of the module rather than needing a separate power wire however if you have an older bluetooth module with the external power wire you can always pin it to pin 2 (from memory) on the plug to avoid having to tap a power wire in the JB4 harness. You obviously need pins and a soldering iron etc to do that though.

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