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Default No Fly Zone 4/13/19 Results & Videos - 04-13-2019, 06:16 PM

Back from another great day of racing in Shafter. Thanks again to Tony Lopez and the crew for putting everything together. Definitely the most "chill" of all of the 1/2 mile events we attend.

This year they changed it up a bit from years past to make it a true standing 1/2 mile event. And while the traps are a bit slower I think it's a much better way to run the event due to the extra stopping distance and consistency with other runway events. Weather was in the 80s most of the day.

BMS was out in full force with a variety of cars, and there was tons of turbocharged cars out. Strong BMW showing and also quite a few Audi too.

I was mostly running around trying to help customers but was able to sneak away from a few pulls in our Audi TTRS. JB4 as the only mod and 30% E85 fuel. It ran 140mph stock but I quickly found out it has a factory speed limiter at around 145mph. I previously thought the limiter was at 155mph but at 145mph the flash target would drop like a rock. Oh well, that's life with base model cars. We'll have to flash it before the next 1/2 mile event to see what it can really do. At 6psi over stock ran 11.2s in the 1/4 which was solid for the conditions. Next event for this car will be 1/4 mile at Famoso in May.

Gil was racing our M4 running JB4+BEF, straight E85, BMS intake, BMS chargepipes. It's a manual trans so a bit of a handful but was consistent around 150mph on map5.

Payam had our 2014 911 out running JB4, E40, Fuel-IT CPI, BMS intake, and ran a best of 163mph. Really solid time for the car considering we kept boost around 21psi peak.

Ando was racing our 2017 Infinity Q50 with JB4, E30, WMI, BMS intake, BMS HE, and managed a best of 141mph. He racked up a few good kills too. Can't wait to see the videos.

Jon was racing our 2018 AMG C63 with JB4, BMS intake, and a race gas mix. Ran a best of 151mph with some really clean looking logs. Next mod coming for this car is an integrated WMI kit!

Payam's cousin brought a 2018 Audi S4 running JB4, E30, WMI, and a Stage1 Pure Turbo, and managed a best of around 142mph at around 25psi.

And of course Adam had his 2015 Z06 manual trans out running around 148mph. Tune and intake only, still running the stock pullies and the Z07 "parachute" spoiler.

We had several customers out too, unfortunately I don't remember everyone's traps. But F90 M5 155mph, E series N55 135mph, F10 M6 PS2 160mph, C43 AWD 142mph, and a couple single turbo cars I didn't get a chance to see. Sadly one of the N54s threw a rod at around 750whp so hopefully it's back faster for next event.

Can't wait to do it again!
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