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For the driveline

1) ECU Flash (BM3 or MHD are the top recommendations here), you can still keep your JB4 as a monitor and a boost controller, after you get your BEF, return your JB4 to Map0 and post some logs for the BMS guys to sort out how much “more” you can top up on the flash. BM3 allows you to reflash your car to different “maps”/“flashes” but JB4 is a lot easier in that it’s instant and doesn’t require you to stop and wait for a minute for the flash to happen.

2) Chargepipe (not sure what you meant by “intake”)

3) Water Methanol Injection kit (will be controlled by your JB4)

I think this is where most people stop, at least for the stock turbo. This is the low hanging fruit that’s readily available, beyond this there’s far less sample size for what works/ what doesn’t, individual situations specific to your environment, your specific engine, etc. begin to matter a lot.

4) Upgraded charge air cooler radiator (the inter cooler is air to water, so there’s a radiator to cool the water used in this system) depends on where you live for this I guess, if you’re in a really hot climate it might be worth upgrading this to get lower intake air temps so you get a bit more power but if you have WMI, it’s benefit is really limited.

Additional non driveline mods

-better brakes, pads mainly, depending on how you’re driving the rotors could make a difference (if you have loads of elevation changes or you actually track your car then rotors will matter a lot to mitigate fade, if you’re street it, it won’t matter, you’re extremely unlikely to be able to load up your rotor’s heat capacity in street driving)

-better tires (100% should do this no matter what)

-better suspension (depends on what you have and what you want, but unlike tires you’re definitely going to be trading off something as opposed to getting better everything, you’ll either lose comfort for performance or the other way around no matter what you do for performance)
-anti roll bar
-bushings (I wouldn’t recommend this)

-this is kinda suspension, but get an alignment done, factory alignments have a large range of acceptable values, just get it done next time you get your wheels/tires done so you can negotiate a package deal

- this is driveline but I consider it more cosmetic, exhausts, sure you might gain 10bhp but i think most people do this for aesthetics and sound
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