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Default Just bought a 2020 X5 M50i - 10-08-2019, 01:23 PM

I've used JB4s on my last 2 BMWs; a 2014 328i, and a 2016 340i..... both with great success.

Admitedly, a bit frustrated with all the CELs that popped up about 45-50% of the starts.... and I'm an American living in Belgium with a US spec car. I thought outside the US, the JB4 would "auto-clear" like it used to before they did that mandatory update over a year ago.

Doesn't matter. I just ordered a 2020 X5 M50i. It is scheduled to arrive in January 2020.

My question is..... Is a JB4 even worthwhile? The M50i is essentially just a factory tuned version of the X5 50i.... and the numbers from the JB4 tuned X5 50i aren't "that" far off from the stock numbers of an X5 M50i.

Is it really even worth it to spend $700 on "maybe" 15-20hp?

Or.... are the numbers going to be considerably higher than stock???

2020 X5 M50i - on order. ETA Jan 2020.
2016 340i MPPSK, JB4 - Retired
2014 328i, JB4 - Retired
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