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Default 10-30-2019, 05:02 AM

This morning again, cold start, 35 ambient. IAT2 (Trans Temp) was 26. At a light it would go up to 30, then back down to 26 while cruising.

One thing I've noticed that might give a clue, is the temps like to move in 4s. Like this morning, jumping from 26 to 30 and back. I also noticed once I was on the highway, when I'd get really into boost and let off, the charged air shooting back into the intake tract from the recirculating valve would quickly heat the IAT1 up to 42 (a multiple of 4 from 30), then when I'd start accelerating again and it was sucking in fresh air, it would drop back to 30.

Mishimoto intake, resonator delete, Vibrant 1040 muffler, JB4 tuner, Firehawk Indy 500 rubber, Lamin-X fog light covers, Xentec 35w 6000k HIDs, custom d20 shift knob, 20% tint, red "H" badges.

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