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Default N55 JB4 w/ BEF Overboosting - 05-27-2019, 02:12 PM

[insert datazap domain here] /u/dominickhan/n55-jb4-w-bef-overboost?log=0&data=1-3-5-18-23-34&solo=4

Have been having this issue where WOT at low RPM will boost to 20~21PSI and trigger JB4 safety (map4)
The car boosts around 16psi in map 4 w/ BEF enabled, is that normal? (At least it doesn't shoot up to 20)

It says my JB4 version as 5/17//3 so I have no clue if that's the latest one...

What should I look into checking first?
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