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Originally Posted by hkninja
Man! That's good to know. When I flash over top of the BB flash by using the MHD, how long will it take for the first time?
I forget the initial flash timelines, I think it's like 37min for d-can cars, and 20 or so for k-line. After that it's very fast.

Originally Posted by jturboawd
Do we loose the ability to flash back to stock at that point? So if we flash back to stock is this going to flash back to day 1 of mhd therefore flash back to BB? Seems like this would be the case, so to get back to stock (hopefully never) we would have to MND back to day 1 then BB back to stock bin? Sounds correct?
Nope. MHD does not need to backup your stock flash because it can regenerate them with the actual Daten files (same way a BMW dealer would return you to stock). It is a true "return to stock" map.
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