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Default 04-26-2013, 06:16 AM

A tune is really rough on stock turbos. Especially if you don have ********* ***.
Our 535s have a stock max boost of around 8-9 psi. But the exhaust gases are ejected at 3.5x force, so around 30 psi at full throttle. It immediately hits an S-curved kink then runs into a C.A.T. The heat is over 1,600F. Multiply that scenario over thousands of hours, not pretty.
Now consider a car pushing 17-18 psi. More than double the force hits the waste gates, and they are sort of flimsy.
My car has been tuned for the past 24,000 miles, half of that before I added ***.

Now for some truly good news. RBs are totally reworked inside. Everything is high grade, super strong metal, aircraft grade. You have to hold one of these in your hand to appreciate how vastly improved they are over the stockers. The waste gates are these heavy duty thick lids made of cast billet! They are gonna hold up a lot longer than stock, no doubt about that.

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