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Originally Posted by Ocean

You commented,
"It's been cool here in the canyons the last couple of nights and I dusted a 911 yesterday by about 4 car lengths. Guy came up to me on the off ramp and was like "WTF do you have under your hood????" " Just tell them you just changed spark plugs and cleaned the air filter!

This scenario plays out all the time. Some jerk runs up aggressively on my tail, weaving back and forth, guns it for a quick pass. I let him go, but thumb the paddle shifter twice and fall in behind him. Then as he thinks he's got me clean, I blow by his right side. Guy gives me this confused WTF look, head jerking a couple of times and mouth agape, but then I am basically gone. They always look like you just ripped their clothes off in a public square.
I did it to a Nissan Coupe last night. Guy was completely panicked. I kept the throttle down until I hit 145 and ran into traffic. He was so far back I think he gave up. They probably call their tuning shop next morning and freak out about their mods.
They usually sit an inch off the ground on 22" chrome rims and a massive open exhaust that sounds like an 18 wheeler with a missing pot.

Anyway, be safe out there. No crazy stunts. Always remember it's the other guy who doesn't look in the mirror while he changes lanes for no reason.
I have driven in Germany many times, and on the roads with no speed limit everyone stays to the right. You only move left to pass, and always expect some souped up Porsche or Merc to come screaming along at 185 mph. It's their right and everyone respects that.
Here people drive like a grazing herd of sheep. Urban areas are no fun!
I'll get off my high horse now..... I guess when I reel in lunatics it's my vigilante way of smacking them over the head for driving irresponsibly. They use no signals and act like bullies. Not how you are supposed to drive, it endangers others.
I am all for driving fast, but when conditions allow. I guess that's my point. Sorry for the rant.
Man, reasons like this totally justifies the mods! I can't wait to play with the boys, I think I am going to go a little slower though. I don't want to get bored and I can't alert the wife to my dealings!
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