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Originally Posted by Ocean
I stayed with stock DVs as I can always go Forge if need be.
But TIAL is a great choice. I'm just very much about staying as stealth as possible, so no weird pops while I am cruising around with the family on a week-end jaunt.

(Wife: "What was that? It sounded like the engine just blew up. Is it ok?" Me: "No honey, that's a blow off diverter valve I had installed after market to handle the additional boost caused by my various mods, including turbos with much larger fan blades and a pump that forces alcohol and water mixtures into the intake stream so boost can be more than doubled. Once the pressure in the modified intake ***** reached a certain level and I let off the gas pedal, they just did their job of releasing pressure into the atmosphere so all the new engine equipment isn't unduly stressed. So all is well, and you look great in your new sunglasses. How's your soft drink, chilled enough?" Back seat: "Dad, you just dusted a Corvette and the guy looks really angry. I need a bathroom!")

That was funny.

'09 AW 535i
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