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Hey guys, long time reader but first time poster lol.

Sorry for all three questions in advance but I really want to make sure I dot all my Is and cross all my Ts.

So I'm about to flash my car with the BM3 stage 2 tune as well as update my JB4 with v12.3.

I was reading your BEF post and the questions I have are how do I enable the BEF setting? I know you said something about FUD.6=1 but I don't actually know how to do that through the app.

The next question is, I have a 6spd and I am running meth at 19-20psi. If I wanted to up the BM3 tune boost from 16psi up to 19psi like I have currently, would I be able to do so? If so, what map would enable meth as well as to be able to up the boost?

The final question is, what settings would I put for the JB4? Or do I just leave them at the defaults which are on the JB4 thread? I currently run map 6 @19psi w/ FOL at 0 and PID 5 with everything else being the same.

My mods include **, straight through exhaust, intake, JB4 w/ Bluetooth, FF and EWG wires, and the BMS Meth Kit with x98 currently in the tank.
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