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Originally Posted by pgeneste
I didn't see you post your current engine set-up so to confirm:
Your a 2.0 T correct?
DID YOU replace your factory SPARK PLUGS, if not it is MANDATORY for safe and happy performance. Denso are good but go one step cooler, If you don't mind the extra cost (for safety IF you play around) go HKS, much more resilient.

I'll verify but I want to say Denso 5354 ( IXUH20I ) is what I recommend, also set gap to 22-24 thousands. (One step cooler than Factory) at min.

Phil! Thank you for your response.

Yes, my Stinger is the 2.0T. I actually have replaced the stock plugs with the recommended HKS plugs gapped at 0.022".

Unfortunately, I was met with some knocks/ticking noises at the start of moderate to strong acceleration that was followed by loss of power/boost (on map 1 and map 2).

I'm currently working on Map 6 to see what custom profile can be best for my car. So far 2.0 psi flat boost (across the board) has been fine (no knock/ticking noises).

Do you also have the 2.0T? I'm starting to worry that these knocks might be damaging the engine too much haha.

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