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Originally Posted by Rushan
What you mean by coded? You mean like comfort access and speed V display and those coding? If that's what you mean it's on the KOMBI model and other models coding and not on ECU,

If you are talkin on tune coding as boost and toque and idling .... Etc that's a different story and its on the DME, you can still with MHD back up your ECU and store this file and you can at anytime with tuner pro open it and compare it with other flashes and change any values you desire
Sorry for the late reply never got a notice I got one, Ya im referring to windows going down at the unlock key, and going up on lock keys, V meter and such. I didn't know if they code the Ecu or how that works exactly, so wanted to make sure if I use the MHD flash stock ecu file I won't lose that 500$ service lol
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