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Default 07-04-2015, 04:28 AM

Originally Posted by Rushan
MHD will detect your VIN and H/W DME once you connect to it, if you choose flash back to stock it will look in the folder, if you don't have your stock flash there, it will write default stock map flash for your ije0s.

Yesterday I flashed my car back to stock, took 22 minutes, then flashing it MHD JB4 race flash took 35 minutes then once it's flashed changing between race flash to pump flash or E85 flash takes only 2 minutes. ( I even had my android battery dead during flash to stock on 25% and I recharged my android and connected it back and flash I stock without issues ) make sure you set your JB4 to map 0 before you use MHD

Once you connect to flash to stock it will show you the information of your VIN and H/W and time required before you proceed
Thanks man you have been a great help I surely appreciate, I didn't know mhd has the capability of doing that since I'm flashing from BB I thought it would assume that's what my stock flash is so I was worried lol
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