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Originally Posted by Rob@RBTurbo
It could cause power loss, oil consumption, oil leaks, smoke out the exhaust, dirtier valves, etc. This component definitely should be serviceable. I am hoping the results from my testers are satisfactory and also hope once they approve of the new RB PCV2 for full time use that they will send back their old original units so I can see how they weather the test of time. The unit I tested of my own did not perform nearly as well as the new unit yet it is in very good condition. I can only imagine that some have older worn or coked up units that are in really bad shape but time will tell.
Exactly why I'm interested in this. Every so often my car will dump some smoke at stop lights. Really only seems to happen when I've been cruising for a little bit. And then other times it doesn't happen at all. Which leads me to believe is a PCV issue. I also feel car doesn't feel as powerful as other times. Want to install this and then shortly after do a carbon cleaning once I see how this PCV valve works out.

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