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Originally Posted by Rob@RBTurbo
Originally Posted by Indo Rider
I'm pretty interested too. I've had 3 different OCCs: RR, BSH, and now BMS for the last 6 weeks. I checked the BMS OCC a couple days ago and there's a a coating of oil but no real accumulation. I always drive it like I stole it and I never caught much oil in RR or BSH can either. It would seem though that in all cases, with any can installed, I consume oil much faster, like a quart every 1K to 2K miles as opposed to maybe a quart in 5K with the stock PCV setup. Sounds like enrita and themyst may have had somewhat similar experiences... I hear everyone say you have to use a catch can, but it just doesn't seem like it's working for me and I don't have enough knowledge/experience know what's the best thing to do. So yeah, bring on the discussion.

Its possible you have an issue with your oil catch can installation or other PCV valves. There are 2 of them. One if this is very easy to fix/replace, and is like $25. The other is the one I am trying to address.

I really do not see if all else is well a nice high quality high flow OCC like the BMS unit causing problems.
So today I uninstalled all mods aside from ********* and FMIC for upcoming dealer visit. This gave me an opportunity to check on a few things. Definitely no problems with the OCC install itself, all connections good, nothing pinched, etc. Also, to credit to the BMS OCC, while I'm not necessarily accumulating much much oil in the can, the inlet line and can have a thick coating while the outlet line is totally dry, so that seems good.

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