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Originally Posted by Terry @ BMS
Fueling is looking good to me, so far. The DME targets a leaner AFR at first and then richens it up as EGT builds. It's a different approach on their end but they are trying to run them as lean as possible as long as possible for emissions purposes.

With the JB4 we can change the air/fuel ratio & increase the fueling trim range, but we'd have to release add on connectors for it. So far at the 700whp range I haven't found a need. We'll have see how higher power levels look.
My F90 is much leaner than my F85 stock to stock. The inside of the tailpipes on the F85 went black quickly after a week. After 1500 miles the F90 ***** are clean. Obviously, DI does not require the same AFR as PFI, but this seams pretty lean. I would have guessed a 12.5 : 1 at least at wot. Strange factory tune.
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