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Default EWG Add on connector - 09-23-2020, 03:52 AM

Hi, I have a 2014 435i with a JB4, and have added the EWG add on connector. I am getting the error code

"123412 electric wastegate, stop learning: stop position (wastegate closed) Not found
120408 Reduced power mode"

It seems to only happen when I restart the car after I have been driving it and have turned it off. I don't believe it has come on while I have actually been driving? On the display in the car it shows a warning saying "drivetrain fault, reduced power mode.:

I see there was a thread on here and a few people have had exactly the same issue, but I cant find a proper solution. I have emailed Burger Motorsports but it is a slow process.
I have disconnected the EWG add on connector and put the factory connection back on, and have not had any issues since. Boost has gone from around 18psi down to around 14psi so the connector was obviously working.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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