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Originally Posted by m5james
I'll happily taken vacuum and PCV lines as a common issue with the S63 vs the easily spun rod bearings on the 4.0 V8 and 5.0 V10 any day :-) Any symptoms as to why you replaced the BOV's?
edit: I have this s63 in my shop for this little work. I have a 750Li (n63) right next to it getting a long block replacement and new turbos due to a spun bearing..... 35k on the clock. Change your oil, and let your car warm up.

I didn't replace the BOV (Diverter Valve) though I am thinking about seeing what would happen if I fit a DV+ from GFB on the car. The DV's look the same as what is on the n55. I have the stuff here but I only have one DV+, might try it just to see if it'll fit for the sake of research.

I replaced the PCV valve, which on this car is the partially the entire inlet assembly feeding the turbos on both sides. The driver's side boot has two check valves in it to stop boost from pressurizing the crankcase/inlet pipe under boost. The one leading over to the passenger side intake manifold connector pipe was leaking, so we were under-boosting as well as pressurizing the crankcase.

The entire thing needs to be redesigned, but the best design would include brand new inlets. Hopefully someone pays us to develop something for it one day. That would be a lot of fun. Dual CC's seem like a good thing for this car. Isolating the two ventilation systems would probably help keep this car more reliable.
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