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Default JB4 MAP 8 WMI QUESTIONS S55 - 11-28-2021, 03:46 PM

Hello S55 Community, The attached file is not mine and only helps with this thread FYI. Ive tried to dig and couldnt really find all the answers I'm looking for and looking to get the right answers, I'm about to pull the trigger on a meth kit from bms and have a few questions and I'm hoping most if not all can be answered.

1) Is the BMS meth kit and FSB once setup plug and play once meth scaling is set to 60 and meth additive isset along with min flow? Nothing else I need to touch other than purging it? If so let me know?

1) What is Meth additive and is Map 8 on 75 additive any different then map 7? I heard every 10 additive equals +1psi? is this true?

2) I have M2C and my map7 targets 23.1-24.9 PSI depending and im looking to target 27-29psi with 100% M1 dual BM5 Nozzle and E85/RaceGas is this possible on MAP 8 for M2C on 75 additive? or will I see slightly higher targets?

Before I preface my next questions I came across another S55 on Map 8 and seen his was targeting 29-31psi on MAP 8 with 75 additive. How is this possible? I have attached his file for reference.

3) Will meth spray in any other maps once hooked up other than map 8?

4)Anything that I need to change in user adjustment settings or is the scaling additive and min flow on the WMI tab all i need to change? sorry repeat question but I feel this is most important

Anything else that is really important that I may need to know?

I will report back with any further questions and share logs.

**** UPDATE ****
I may have found one answer to my question on how the car was able to push 31psi of boost on map 8 and that was by changing his boost safety which created more psi per additive.
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