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Default Blue Smoke Issue at Idle/Decel - 06-03-2019, 05:46 PM

Having an interesting issue regarding blue smoke from the exhaust. Recently put on cldp’s which exposed the fact that my car is burning oil. The rate of oil loss is negligible, with me not having to add any over the past 5000 miles (1/2 on the gauge right now). When I come to a stop, blue smoke comes out from the exhaust. This only occurs at low speed and while I’m idling. Once I start going again, the car blows the smoke out then stops smoking.

Now, I thought it was turbo seals. However, I saw no evidence of this while installing the **’s. Furthermore, if I keep the car in drive and throw the JB4 on map 4, the problem stops. Therefore, this seems vacuum related. Any ideas on what to replace first, as what little information I was able to find seemed to just be people taking blind shots with various things solving the issue.
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