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Default 09-19-2019, 10:32 AM

Originally Posted by DJB
Contacted your support via Chat and they recommended I ask the questions here.

Im looking for a way to mildly increase the power of my base 718 without changing the ECU to avoid problems with possible warranty work down the road. You guys have a good reputation so was interested in learning more about your system.

What does it have control authority over? i.e:

Timing? retard timing if knock occurs? Reduce timing further than stock when boost is increased above stock boost?

Lambda? Can it control (increase fuel) for increased boost above stock?

(Not sure if timing or Lambda needs to change for a few more lbs boost)

Safety features: What is most important to me, is that all the factory safety features remain active and that if something goes wrong due to bad fuel, sensor or injector failure etc, that the engine can protect itself. Does this still remain fully intact? Any limitations here?

When Knock occurs does the ECU still pull timing as it should protecting the engine?

It appears your unit monitors the ECU through the ODB port and that may be what allows your unit to understand if something is not working going well, like knock or running lean?

I see with the mobile app you can do some data logging. Can you check for knock and other PIDs that would allow one to monitor how the Tune is working?

If still in Beta, are there any concern you might have using this product on a 2018 vehicle given it would be use for a stage 1 or mild boost in power as mentioned before?

Re clearing codes in ECU, I've read on forums for other platforms your unit can clear the codes or readings that may alert the factory that car may have had a piggy back on it. Does this apply to the Porsche 718 platform as well?
This tuning device is very basic, but has lots of gains.

The stuff you're referring to is mostly for flash tuning.

The JB4 will increase boost, the ecu will compensate for fuel on the other end. All factory safeties and tuning is all still in place so it feels like a stock car until you step on it.

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