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Default C300 Nitrous - 08-24-2020, 10:47 AM

Hey guys, been a while.

We have a customer with a C300. Car has ********, exhaust, JB4. We made some good power on pump and E30 mix. Customer now wants to add some nitrous and has bought a Zex 82021, which is 55-75 shot wet. It uses a WOT switch.

We would like to be able to use a better control method then just a WOT switch. I remember back in the day JB4 had some nitrous controls when I used to mess with N54s. Does that same feature exist for the C300? I don't have my hands on the car right now or the software as he used his phone, and didn't get a chance to examine the nitrous control features while we were dynoing it.

I would need to know what we need to do for JB4 to control the nitrous solenoids, or enable/disable the nitrous system with fail safes.

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