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Originally Posted by neuroclast
Well got it to flash and the new app to connect (using BT module). Unfortunately it will only connect when the car is off, but once it's connected I can start the car.

I'm getting a ton of bugs, so I'm not sure what's up:
  • Gauges on the app randomly go to 0 or get stuck on some value. They also don't update nearly as fast as my e90 does, which makes me think there is something buggy happening when they do update. Nothing on my OBD2 port, so not sure if anything could be hogging resources on the CAN bus.
  • As mentioned, can only connect to JB4 when car is off.
  • Randomly switches to map 0 (cruising, idling, does it all the time), and the app says it "tried to switch to an invalid map."

This is with the N63 JB4 Beta + BCM running the "4" firmware.

If anyone has tips, I'm all ears. Steering wheel controls work fine, but oddly the iDrive turns off when I pull them up.
Try relocating your JB4. This is a known issue with Bluetooth interferences, not a failure of the jb4. I was working on a car dropping FF values constantly, but the jb4 was still doing its job. I verified by using my laptop instead of the Bluetooth. Solid logs from that point out.

This product is no longer supported, but I am working on a Bluetooth extension cable with different shielded housings to try and remedy this issue. I'll post here when it's done, whether or not it actually fixed anything.

Sorry boss, big v8 has a lot of noise. If you need to tune the car, try using a laptop if the Bluetooth is standing in the way. If the car runs fine, hang tight. I've got multiple customers begging for a solution, so I'm going to do what I can.
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