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Originally Posted by Excelent
Yes that is what happens to me to. The AFR stops at 20 when reduce power lights up.
My opinion is also that the engine run to lean and therefore its happen.
I don't like this situation, because Terry don't help us at al. Next time if and when I bought a new car. For example M5 4WD I cant buy any JB4 again. Im gone go another route for sure.
You can't and should not leave the customers on their own after you bought something. This is the first time in my life when somebody behavior like this.
I'm sorry you feel that way, boss. The odds are that the problem is not with the jb4, but with your setup (no offense). You need to keep a few things in mind...

1) I have a lot of training and experience, and it is hard to diagnose tuned car drivability problems with the car in front of me, it's borderline impossible to do it over the internet.

2) I promise you, Terry did not profit enough off your jb4 purchase to justify 3 hours+ of support and diagnostics. He and his crew do a solid job.

3) Your engine is throwing codes and you haven't read them out yet to see what the dme thinks is wrong?

4) Have you modified your diverter valve, or pcv system? These are frequently changed on the n54/n55 platform.

5) Can you post a picture of your user settings on map6?
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