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Default 08-13-2020, 07:17 PM

I normally been just doing illegal smogs for the last 20+ years but it’s been getting much harder to be able to do illegal smogs, this is my first time trying to actually pass a smog test. I have friends that own smog shops so I won’t have to worry about the illegal visual things like the intake, blow off valve and thing that don’t affect the readiness of the monitors. My only monitor that is not ready is for the cats since I don’t have cats on my car so I will just install the o2 fix or I can install the stock down pipe’s

My question is after I install the stock down pipe will I be fine with JB4 in map 0 or with the off the self mbd back end flash cause me issues?

2007 e90 335i
pure stgae 2 DD turbos, rb inlets, bms 4 bar map sensor
Jb4 with mhd hybrid e85 back end flash, vrsf down pipe vrsf 7" intercooler, vrsf charge pipe with tial bov and afe intake. Fuel it stage 2 pump and fuel line/ethanol content kit.
spec stage 2+ clutch with new oem dmfw
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