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Originally Posted by Riceball777
They are a tuning dyno shop. I have been going there for 15+ years for all my hondas and evo. But they do not tune the n54. I cannot find a dyno that will tune my 2007 335i. Not of the biggest import dynos shops will tune my 335i. Even the bmw dyno shops will not tune a n54. . I called ssr performance and european auto source and these are big bmw tuning shops with in house dynos and they said they do not tune n54 cars!!!
Righttttt, I remember you posting about that now.
From the log I looked at, it needs very little to be fully dialed in. Overall log looks ok, but I would start with the overboost.
Higher the boost, as you know, the more fuel required. So I would start from there and see if hpfp and lpfp are a little happier .
Not a huge deal, but I would start from there and evaluate if it were my car.

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