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Default PureStage 2 Log Review - 06-15-2020, 02:12 PM

Hi Folks, looking for some feedback on the attached WOT pulls. Just starting to tune my N54 PureStage 2 setup, with the goal of utilizing map 6 JB4.

Two 2nd gear pulls and one 3rd gear pull in the attached CSV, JB4 Map 2. I have hidden most of the irrelevant rows. Trying to decide if things look healthy enough start cranking up the boost beyond just the JB4 Map 2 + Pump BEF Flash I am currently running. Fueling somewhere between E30 and E40 right now.

Things that stand out to me:
-Please take a look at the 6 cylinder timing. 2nd gear pull has some timing pull in cylinder 3-6.
-Trims tap out at 50 for short period
-Is an average ign of 4.4 high? Seems like it with just 17 lbs boost and E35. I feel like I have seen lots of people with similar setups, and with ign avg of 0-ish.

I have very new spark plugs gaped .21, and compression is pretty good/even. Not sure what to do in order to remedy these few issues. My car has 150k miles on it, so I want to make sure things are looking good before I push anymore power.

Car: N54 2008 135i
PureStage 2 DD
VRSF Silicone Inlets
Jb4 G5 + Pump Gas BEF via MHD
Fuel-it Bucketless Stage 2 LPFP
BMS Catch Can
7" VRSF Intercooler
VRSF Dwnpip
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