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Honestly, it's probably not worth those shops' time because there's so many low cost and "free" methods of custom/fine tuning the N54 now. I don't have any tuning experience with any of those shops, but having had an N54 and a B58, I wouldn't let any shop tune either of those on a dyno because it's so (relatively) easy to have someone tune it remotely. Plus, a dyno will not fully simulate being on the road, especially an inertia based dyno like a Dynojet. Forget trying to find a shop with a load based dyno, like a Mustang Dyno, that REALLY knows how to set them up properly and also wants to take the time on your car.

Dyno tuning is hit and miss, in my opinion. Keep in mind that those businesses are basically "on the clock" the entire time your car is on the dyno, or otherwise taking up the shop's resources. So they want to get your car done with as quickly as possible. I come from the Mustang world, and I was so happy when I found the JB4 and this forum for helping me tune my own vehicle. There's no way you can get this type of support for "free" on any non-JB4 platform. Dyno tuning is so overrated, even without a JB4.

Personally, I had Trebila custom tune my N54 after I tried the BMS OTS flashes (both Cobb and MHD). Trebila fine tuned it very, very quickly, but my issues were more with timing at that point. Fine tuning boost control should all be done with the JB4, for the most part. Which you can easily get tons of free support on this forum with.

I am very particular about my cars, but I also don't consider myself a real "tuner". But the JB4 gives me pretty much all the tools I need to get my car running exactly the way I want it.

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