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Originally Posted by Dave @ BMS/Fuel-It!
Timing doesn’t look great in general.

Do you have access to any better fuel?
The gas is pump 92 oct from Costco, surprised its struggling so much with only 17 psi. Dave, before the Pure turbos went on and I was still running the stock ones you were able to help me narrow down my timing issues were remedied by adding a few gallons of E85. This helped with the erratic timing across cylinders. However, if I remember correctly my avg ign was still around 4 in map 2 even with 3 gallons of E85. I feel like something else must be contributing to the timing problems. My next steps will to replacing plugs and running a compression test. E85 is hard to get, about an hour drive. I was hoping for better pump performance, don't most N54 run Map 2 on pump with decent timing?

Should I be resetting any adaptations now with the new turbos, or when I am switching up the fueling?
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