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Default A lot of timing corrections - 07-30-2019, 02:05 PM

Hello guys

I've some problems with my car since view months.

I've a lot of timing corrections on low boost. before i run up to 28psi without any issues. Logs are made with 100 or 102 octane pump gas here in switzerland. No Portinjection is running, i've only installed the stage 4 pump and Pi, but i never turned on the PI.

Please check out my log here:

Specifiaction to my car: i've stage 2 turbos from PNP/Kotte, same size like pure st2. Fuel it port injection stage 4, ******* ********, 200cell cats in the middle.
NGK spark plugs 0,55mm gapped. Car has now 25'000km on it.

I've also some issues, when the car is standing for 1 or 2 day,after i start the car an will drive away in R or D1, the car is shutting down. the car jolts and gets too little or too much fuel. Please check also out this log during the start up and drive away.

Please check also out this log : https://***********/u/danhexon/start...?log=0&data=20

I do not know what is the issue. Maybe leaked injector from the PI ? Wrong setting from the FPR in the Portinjection (but never started the PI)? The ground from the AIC6 controller was connected to the knock sensor, maybe that was the issue and knock sensor is damaged??
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