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Originally Posted by Pinscher
Thanks for commenting, and since you're the competition, I'd have to take what you say with a grain of salt.

My goal is really to find out if there is an economical way have better than stock turbo's and hopefully eliminate the inherent weakness the OEM possess. So far, from what's I've seen, refurbishing and upgrading OEM turbo's cost the same if not more than a reputable 3rd party upgrade.

Considering these cars cost 7k(335 with N54) or so, it's almost 1/3rd or more the price of the car. Likely I'm in over my head. In some cases, Turbo labs is a fraction of the price of their competition. It's interesting to know they are not able to balance the turbo's properly, I'll have to look into this more.

Thank you.
No hard feelings here, and zero idea of their costs, just some friendly advice and also keep in mind when someone says "we balance our stuff" it does not mean that they have the best equipment to balance it correctly and to the highest levels of perfection every time. A good start would be to inquire specifically into what equipment they utilize IMO, we already know but it would not mean as much coming from us as you've stated.

At any rate if you go that route see if they want a set of their old stage 1 compressor housings back, as they are the 1/5/Z/RHD series style they'd probably be pretty excited about it being that they are pretty rare... just like we were pretty bummed about it as we need that inventory more than any other for cores. Anyway already machined for their wheel and ready to go, $100 shipped would be fantastic, really don't care who buys them feel free to hit us up if interested. Also would trade straight up for some OE non-machined virgin compressor housings for the same models.


See for N54 Twin Turbo Bolt-On upgrades, or contact directly 314-630-8950 for a price quote.

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