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Originally Posted by luchocamp
which symptons or codes ?
Ecu parameter knock codes and internal fueling codes were the original ones.
These indicated replacing the ecu, which I did, which did nothing.
I beleive the car now has some valvetronic codes but I'm not certain which ones and I dont want to pester the shop because the cars a nightmare and they'll probably ask me to collect and burn it.

Issue was:
Car puts down 465whp 25psi on dyno dynamics shootout dyno, graph is perfect , logs are immaculate across the board.
Once the car comes up to running temp I get a huge shut down at around 4k rpm like air fuel and spark all stop. I mean it's extreme. Like ejected thru windshield extreme.
It appears as well once up to temp even normal driving is affected, car breaks down and cant be used for anything other than very short trips. As mentioned once cool everything is perfect.
Car is now stock other than PI paltinum kit (not wired) turbo and FW.
It's not tuning related.

Oh also, someone on here advised me to take it to the dealer, they don't know what's wrong and told the shop to burn it.
I've also emailed Terry about it (and we know he's a very clever guy) his words were "push it off a cliff"

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