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Originally Posted by motojunkie
Hey guys, any help would be appreciated with this. Been dealing with it for a while. JB4 installed, mostly stock car only intake and blow off valve, stock exhaust. Running map 1 on JB4 with BEF on DME, selection 4 is set to 2 for BEF on JB4.

When I do WOT throttle, all seems pretty good. Under half/moderate acceleration there is a certain spot in the throttle where the car gets really jumpy and starts surging. I did a few runs logging and you can see a very visible spike in the throttle metric, it jumps to full while the pedal stays fairly flat. I verified I am on the latest JB4 firmware and same thing.

I will upload a log of 3rd gear full throttle and a 3rd gear half(ish) throttle.

I'm about to the point of just pulling the JB and reflashing to stock.

To note...I've seen similar issues that people have asked about...but I have never come across a solution that has worked for mine. Also it doesn't have this problem when the JB4 is physically removed. Anyone have any ideas?

Csv file ?
What are menu 10, 11 and 12 set at ?
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