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Hey! My car is making 538 WHP pump gas at 17-16 psi on Bootmod3 and 711 WHP at 25-26 PSI on E50 mix. Meth only will fuel you up to around 580 WHP or similar. I achieved 571 WHP on Meth and Pump gas back in the day with JB4.
I've asked before on such setups, but have seen no answer. Are you making 700+ hp on stock motor? Just curious.

As far as the CPI kit, It was my understanding that with either CPI or TBI the distribution of the fuel to the cylinders would be too unequal to rely on it for strictly fueling and not just WMI; in fact I was even instructed that getting bigger nozzles was not a good idea. Has the school of thought on this since charged? I've been kind of holding out for a port injection plate to come out, but if CPI will do then that's the route I'll go.
This is generally countered in the tuning by running a slightly richer AFR or pulling timing. Additional injection setups have been used for decades. You'll find naysayers all over, but generally that's from a lack of their own knowledge and use of such systems. Same goes for WMI or increased injector sizing on stock rails. They too have some naysayers out there. In there end, there's multiple ways to tune and adapt, but the fundamentals are there. Timing and Fuel must be used in such a way that prevent detonation, maximize power and provide reliability. Octane, IATs/Cooling and other factors must be accounted for in the timing/fuel setup to provide safety and that's part of the tuning on timing/fuel curves. It's literally all about the tune. lol.
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