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Originally Posted by drdiabetes
What do you mean by racalibrate oem sensors?? Adv need tune... does oem too??
If you want them to read accurately, yes.

Originally Posted by drdiabetes

New bosch o2 sensor + innovate heat sink.

Do some pulls in 3 geard. From 2000 to 4000 4500 rpm ok..then running lean and misfire.
Another pull and the same. Couldn't finish because the car misfire .
Last pull :
30BA dme internal failure
2C3B lambda probe in front of catalitic converted : not plugged
29CC misfire , several cilinders.
( cil 1 2 3)

The car has check engine now and running in 3 cilinders.
Bank 1 afr stack at 20 ( sensor has 20 miles)

I attached some logs... as i said i couldn't run from 2000 to 6500rpm as the car started to misfire

What do you think?? Could be the tune??? It is impossible to burn o2 sensors as me..and know I have this new issues.

I will have the ecu fixed ( injectors integrated circuits???) Then check cil 6.. (injectors / coils/ spark).

What do you think??
You had an injector mosfet fail, and need to check your O2 sensor wiring for burns/cuts etc. Alternately the failed mosfet to back 1 injectors could be why you're seeing those readings, so repair the dme first before spending more money imo. Mosfets are cheap and fix the issue permanently.

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