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With the rotor off you can see the business end of my rear suspension:
- KW V3 + oem Air
- M5 brakes + SS lines
- M5 front upper guide arm
- M5 integral link
- Oem wishbone (same as M5)
- Bullet-nosed studs, LOVE studs

For my manual conversion I sourced the pedal assembly from an E60 M5, the first unit I bought (with 2 pedals on the left) was damaged during shipping and the mounting location for the clutch return-spring was broken. The second pedal assembly I purchased (right) was supposed to be complete with clutch pedal and master cylinder but as you can see it was brake pedal and sensor only. Luckily between the 2 assemblies I was able to piece together a fully functional unit.

I am a big fan of machined pedals, I ran some on my old M5 and this will be my second set for the E61. I went with a brushed aluminum finish and it looks absolutely tits and should blend into to my interior well.
Oem vs. Brushed

Drilling holes to mount the pedals

Old pedal (raw Al cut for grip) bottom brushed up top

Pedal assembly ready for install

Here is the DIY for stuff like this: Bentley Manual and Google

Picked up a transmission jack for the differential, transfer case, and trans. Test fitting the M5 LSD here

In position

Fits into the non-M subframe without issue

Huge heat-sink wraps around the rear of the subframe

Test fitting with my custom 3" exhaust, close but I will trim the heat stink to give a cushion for diff movement

The E61 has these huge pull rods which connect to the brace my LED reverse light is bolted to and run to the jack points in front of the rear tires. The heat sink will need to be trimmed to accommodate these as well. There are some different pull rod combos for the M5 sedan, M5 wagon, and 535xi wagon, I feel what I currently have is the strongest setup so I will make them work.

I used a Sharpie to mark the heat sink that will be trimmed, all of the black areas will be cut off. I don't plan to track my wagon much if at all so I think the trimmed heat sink will still be fine for my application.

Up next was comparing my 535xi driveshaft (top) to the M5 shaft (bottom). I was originally going to have the M5 shaft customized to mate with the N54 but I want to explore the possibility of configuring a hybrid driveshaft: front half 535i and rear M5. The downside of running a hybrid is the M5 6MT output flange, guibo, and bearing will all be smaller compared to a full M5 spec driveshaft setup. The upside it is would be a bolt-on solution and save some coin on custom fabrication costs. The difference in diameter between the non-M and M5 output shaft and guibo is under around 5% or less so rather insignificant big-picture. It is a long-shot but the M5 bearing may be compatible with the non-M front 1/2 of the driveshaft, once I get the halves separated I can confirm.

M5 knuckles dwarf the non-M

Notice the inner diameter of the bearing, pretty close! This is one reason why I think there may be chance to run a hybrid setup

Comparing bearing diameter

Here are some comparison pics of the non-M AT axles compared to M5

N54 Powered M5 Wagon:
- M5 Driveshaft, M5 LSD, M5 Axles, M5 Brakes, M5 Rear Suspension
- M5 Front End, M5 skirts, M5 Mirrors, M-Tech Rep Rear
- KW V3, RD Sport Sways, UR Strut Braces, Forgestar F14 SDC
- Manual Trans Swap, MFactory SMFW, Spec Stg 3+ Clutch, UUC SSK
- EOS Port Injection Manifold, Fuel-It: Stg 2 LPFP +Lines +Ethanol Sensor
- JB4, Hexon RR550s, Custom Inlets, AR ***, 3" Exhaust, VRSF 7" IC, ER CP, Tial BOV, RB Ext. PCV, BMS OCC

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