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Default 03-18-2016, 09:50 AM

Bimmerfest is coming up soon (for a procrastinator like myself) so I need to get my ducks in a row and execute this 6MT and M5 Drivetrain swap soon so I can defend my title!

...but in the meantime, feeding time!

VTT hot-side CP vs stock (fvcking stock, get the fvck outta here stock!)

Prepped for install


Gave my inlet system a cleaning

You win some, you lose some. I was hopeful these M5 front lower control arms would fit, no dice. But it's OK, the M5 control arms are beefy since their larger thrust arms are dainty relative to the ones found on the 535xi so I consider the stiffness a wash. Now all possible M5 suspension component upgrades have been made, with the exception of these control arms everything is M5-spec, rather "M5 Hybrid Suspension"

N54 Powered M5 Wagon:
- M5 Driveshaft, M5 LSD, M5 Axles, M5 Brakes, M5 Rear Suspension
- M5 Front End, M5 skirts, M5 Mirrors, M-Tech Rep Rear
- KW V3, RD Sport Sways, UR Strut Braces, Forgestar F14 SDC
- Manual Trans Swap, MFactory SMFW, Spec Stg 3+ Clutch, UUC SSK
- EOS Port Injection Manifold, Fuel-It: Stg 2 LPFP +Lines +Ethanol Sensor
- JB4, Hexon RR550s, Custom Inlets, AR ***, 3" Exhaust, VRSF 7" IC, ER CP, Tial BOV, RB Ext. PCV, BMS OCC
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