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Default 02-24-2016, 10:19 AM

Final stages of the retrofit...

I went through with building some foreground limiters, it was my first time and it took me a while. I wanted them to be adjustable so it took me a little bit to design some that could slide up and down without interfering with the lens holder. The other part that took me a while was the alignment since I now have a foreground cutoff and if they were not aligned propoerly (just like a regular cutoff) it would drive me crazy so it was each projector needed to alignments, YAY!

Here were the finished limiters



The hardware work out well as the nuts on the rear were held in the place by the bowl allowing easy one-handed adjustment with a screwdriver from the front side, those adjustment screws can also be accessed when the lens holder mounted. I left some material on the top of the limiter so it is easier to grab during adjustment.

Very limited foreground! After this pic I took the car out for a quick drive to test them, there was a little too much foreground limited and I ended up raising the limiters ~2-3mm

Stock MH1 7.0 foreground

After custom limiters, this was before I adjusted them to allow more foreground.

With the limiters setup aggressively it limited the first ~15ft of foreground in front my car, 7.0s have great intensity on 50w, not sure if the limiters helped this at all by blocking and recycling extra light.

The following shots are after adjusting the limiters up to allow more foreground, now only ~10ft of foreground is limited, this works out great as most of the really intense/bright foreground is gone which was my goal

Impressive output for a MH1

This picture is exactly what I see when driving.

On the road, I wanted to retain as much of the foreground width as possible, I find this light very useful in low speed cornering situations. On the MH1 7.0 this part of the beam pattern isn't very intense so it works well, the light is ample enough to be useable but not too bright where it will hurt long range vision.

All was good so time to seal them up. The BMW E6X housings need to be cut open unfortunately, previously I used straps/tie-downs to hold the leans and housing together while it was sealed. Some packaging/moving saran wrap work great, it can hold nice and tight but also is safe for the lens. I used small dollops of JB Kwik in key areas to help add some structural rigidity the the lens and housing marriage after that was done I laid a bead of 3M Window Weld to complete the seal. I can curious to see how this combo holds up.

So dark with the black demon eyes

All done

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